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September 15, 2009

The Senator Who Cried Wolf…or The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing… Basta May Wolf at Sheep

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Once upon a privilege speech there was a senator wolf named Ping. Ping is a very tough senator and has been accused to abuse his toughness (i.e. Kuratong, Bubby Dacer, etc.- but these are other stories).  He has cried wolf a couple times and has exposed many wolves due to his speeches.

One day, Ping heard that a wolf named Erap was going to run for President. Ping used to serve Erap, who was once the head wolf, and Ping used to be a trusted wolf of Erap and also made him the chief wolf of the PNP. During Erap’s term as head wolf, there was a loud howl asking other wolves to expose his misdeeds. Wolf Ping never said anything and remained quiet. It was not until a power hungry and gambler wolf Chavit, who prentented to be a lamb, and cried wolf and exposed the head wolf’s involvement in jueteng. A lot of evidences were presented to the Senate Shepherds including a mysterious envelope which caused the head wolf’s ejection from the Presidency and a she-wolf named Gloria came into power (which is another story as well). Former head wolf was incarcerated at his private cage in Tanay, Rizal and was later pardoned by the she-wolf.

Anyways, since former head wolf is seeking to reclaim his lost glory, the wolf senator named Ping has decided to wear his sheep outfit and expose his former boss’ misdeeds. The wolves, the sheeps, and the shepherds ask… why only now? And everyone started to sing Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Dumating the Pops Fernandez and Freestyle duet version. 

Abangan ang susunod na kabanta (may part 2 raw!).


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